IDEAS & Agrarian Aquatic Planting Day Video

Our friends at the non-profit, environmental sustainability organization, IDEAS For Us, has released a new video of our latest volunteer-initiative – The 2015 Aquatic Planting Day.
Since 2009 when IDEAS was a only a collegiate group, we have been working with volunteers to eduate and involve them in restoring stormwater retention ponds with native plants. Most often these ponds lack any native aquatic plants, which is bad for our water quality and wildlife. This year we increased the amount of plants in a pond with Floating Treatment Wetlands, which are floating platforms with auatic plants that is anchored in the middle of the pond. This creates more habitat for plants and animals, which will lead to cleaner water and concserve Florida’s abundant, aquatic wildlife. It also estabished beautiful, flowering plants to brighten up a boring pond.

Click this link to see the pictures and video from the event: 2015 IDEAS and Agrarian Aquatic Planting Day.

And join us for next’s year’s Aquatic Planting Day!

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